Press: Paragon Studios uses Source-Connect to record Nicole Kidman for Australia movie
October 14, 2021

Paragon Studios recently played host to a number of ADR sessions for the new film Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Kidman, who lives in the Nashville area, participated in several ADR sessions over the past few months.

Press: Australia

Paragon Studios, December 2008



Paragon’s Fred Paragano served as ADR mixer on the project, and says the studio provided a week of recording in July, with a steady stream of pick-up sessions running into late October.

Using Source-Connect allowed the team in Tennessee to connect with the Big Bang crew in Sydney. In addition to providing a communication link, the tool also gave the team at Paragon transport control over decks in Australia. The US team also used Dolby fax, and even Skype to allow the Sydney crew and director Baz Luhrmann to view Kidman’s in-studio performance.

Wayne Pashley was supervising sound editor for Big Bang. In addition to Paragano, the Paragon team included recordist Brian Calhoon and assistant Andrew Mayer. Final files were delivered via DigiDelivery.

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