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Since 2005 Source-Connect is the
benchmark solution for cost-effective and flexible internet collaboration for the media industry.

An effective, reliable, secure and portable solution for remote recording, approval and monitoring. With a deep feature-set for all your remote audio needs, and no need for expensive hardware or intrusive installations.

Discover our premium
quality, secure, yet
budget-friendly and
solutions that is
created with your
workflow in mind.

Trusted by all major studios and sound
institutions since before most people had

Pristine audio

Mono to multi-channel crystal-clear audio using the latest AAC-ELD codec from Fraunhofer

Every take perfect

Your recordings are perfect every time with Auto-Restore. Combine with Auto-Replace for PCM support

Sync accurate

Sync any DAW to any other DAW with built-in Remote Transport Sync. It just works.

Strong community

Used by thousands of studios and talent in all corners of the world daily, you have at your fingertips the strongest community you’ll find in the sound industry, world-wide. With our unique directory of working studios, talent, musicians, educators, broadcasters and more, you can seek out remote facilities anywhere, easily.

SINCE 2005

More than 50,000 studios and individuals trust us with their remote workflows

A feature-rich product that has over 15 years of development.

Source-Connect in action
Worried about Internet drop-outs?


The Q Manager provides the brains behind the Auto-Restore and Auto-Replace features which guarantee that your recordings are perfect - even if there are bandwidth issues.

Need original audio quality?


With Source-Connect Pro, establish as many connections as you wish for simultaneous discrete recordings in multiple locations.

Working with picture?

Remote Transport Sync

Allows for perfect picture sync on both sides without requiring a second channel for timecode.

Need 5.1/7.1 OR multiple channels?

Source-Connect Pro X

Up to 6 discrete channels, 5.1 and 7.1 channels with Source-Connect Pro X

Multiple locations?


With Source-Connect Pro, establish as many connections as you wish for simultaneous discrete recordings in multiple locations.

Source-Connect Versions: Download and Pricing

Source-Connect has three versions: Pro, Pro Extended and Standard. Choose your version based on the features you need, to buy, download or get a full-featured 15-day trial.

Industry-standard ISDN replacement with a deep feature-set for all your remote audio recording and monitoring needs.

Subscription option
iLok dongle required? (Mac)OptionalOptional (required for 3.8)Yes
iLok dongle required? (Windows)OptionalYesn/a
5.1 / 7.1 surround
3, 4, 5, 6 channels
Auto-Restore (OSX) Send only
Auto-Replace (OSX)
Highest AAC bitrate 192kbps stereo 384kbps stereo 1344kbps 7.1
Network connections per location 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Remote Transport Sync (RTS) ADR mode
RTS Mix/Review mode
Secure VPN mode
Advanced network settings
Source-Stream option (OSX)**
ISDN bridging
Certification$75 add-on
Technical support and upgrades 6 months 1 year1 year
Price$650 perpetual, or $35 a month*$1495 perpetual, or $105 a month*$2490 perpetual
Try a 15-day full-featured trial: Mac OSX TRY STANDARD FOR MACTRY PRO FOR MACTRY PRO X FOR MAC
Try a 15-day full-featured trial: Windows TRY STANDARD FOR WINDOWSTRY PRO FOR WINDOWS

* Subscriptions all start with an initial $75 set-up fee. Cancel at any time, no obligation. If you are re-subscribing to Source-Connect Standard and your previous subscription lasted at least 4 months, the setup fee will be waived.

Full licenses are perpetual and non-expiring and you have no further obligation to pay support or upgrade fees except where those services are required by you.

** The Source-Stream service is currently only for Mac OSX version 3.9.

All subscribers are invited to participate in our Testing Community.