Diversity & Inclusion

Global means everyone.

As a leader in remote recording technology since 2005, we have worked with innumerable people from around the globe – studios, voice talent, musicians, film-makers, podcasters, radio broadcasters, tv stations, educational facilities and more. 


We understand that individuals from different backgrounds and different frames of reference face their own different challenges and opportunities; further, we believe that in the fields of the arts and media, social inequality leads to unbalanced representation of how we see ourselves on-screen.

We firmly stand wholeheartedly for a diverse and inclusive media industry where representation matters. We know that today many of your voices are in danger, and we believe that your career should not suffer because of this. 


No matter your gender, sexuality, place of birth, ethnicity, religion, or economic background, we welcome you with open arms to share with us how we can help you to achieve your career and training goals.

Source Elements’ Scholarships

Fascilitated access to our technology
Active training and certification on our remote recording tools
Special assistance from our support team
Promotion within our networks to boot your career

Are you eligible for our scholarship?

We welcome partnerships and participation opportunities.

Scholarship recipients are determined by our internal diversity board.

Source Elements is owned and operated by a diverse group of people around the globe.

We are here to listen to you and to help you be heard.