Latin Grammy
November 19, 2021

The Latin Grammy Academy have used Source Elements solutions for their remote voting system in the Latin Grammy’s Award 2021. Since they could not vote in the same room they trusted on our HD streaming product Source-Live and routing app Source-Nexus to recreate a remote professional studio room.

The Grammy Academy is one of the major worldwide institutions of audio engineers. It required the quality of audio and video should be at the highest level of quality. The Latin Grammy Awards are awards given by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

During 2020, as situations rapidly changed, the team at Latin Grammy’s needed to adapt and work remotely for their voting system. Usually, they’ve done that in the same room with all the jury but with the pandemic, they needed to do it remotely. So this year they decided to contact us to find the best streaming solution, and our audio engineering team did their best!

The audio engineer team at Source Elements worked with Latin Grammy’s to design and integrate the best workflow with the highest quality for the voting system as if they were in the same room with the professional studio quality control, but while they were apart.

Products they used

Source-Live Pro: Low Latency

Broadcast full-quality video over the internet in real time using Source-Live. Share HD video from any source; transmit smooth, consistent-frame-rate content without playback errors or delays.


Route HD audio in real time between Source-Live and any meet and videoconferencing applications.

From one side, the Latin Grammy’s was streaming from
Source-Live the sound and video at the highest quality with no latency to all the juries and participants who were in the streaming. Source-Live also has a built-in multi chat so they could communicate instantly. 

The sound was captured from Spotify, route thanks to Source-Nexus and streamed through Source-Live. The juries were able to listen to the nominees’ albums with HD audio from Spotify.

And finally, the secret voting system.

As you can imagine, the jury were sound engineers, producers, agents, and key stakeholders in the music industry. Most of them are the most avant garde professionals in the music and sound industry. Therefore, the quality and the stability should be at the highest quality!

Once they were listening to the albums played from the “host” through Source-Live, they were able to vote in their internal voting platform facilitated by the Latin Grammy.

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Source-Live Pro: Low Latency


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