Joel Haberli – collaborating remotely with Source-Connect
February 3, 2021

Back to the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the Internet had established its position as the most democratising tool to be made available in history. Four years into its shy debut, Source-Connect was known as a premium product used by recording studios and talent but only a few had foreseen the enhanced mobility one could work in. Joel Haberli was one of the rare fortune tellers.

Long Lasting Transitions

Joel had been working as an actor and voice talent since the early 90s, a time when YouTube could not yet hold a candle to DVD. Joel accompanied the industry’s transformation from analog to substantial technological advances thanks to the digital revolution.

At the end of 2008, as the tech equipment set migrated and so did Joel.

“I moved from Virginia to New York City,” he explains, “and it took a while to get my ISDN set up so I purchased Source-Connect.” Fewer gadgets to move, and an easy set-up were the first steps into a long lasting transition between Joel and his clients to collaborating remotely with Source-Connect.

Source Elements’ interface was technical enough for sound engineers to equalise, mix and stabilise sound, and intuitive enough for voice over talent to easily start a session and record their voice.

Although Joel recorded with Source-Connect on a regular basis, he ditched ISDN altogether in 2014 – right around the time he moved to Connecticut. Faced with another space transition, Source-Connect became the exclusive solution for Joel. Besides the affordability, it was a matter of trust. Simply stated, “As a voice talent I need a dependable platform for sending my voice to clients and Source-Connect always works. I use Source-Connect Standard and I don’t mess around with it!” If he ever did need extra help, Source Elements’ staff knew all customer’s names and products they had purchased — this familiarity was a priority in helping clients quickly resolve challenges with a personal level of care. Although they may not know all their clients by memory now, the personal touch still remains.

More than a decade after he first used Source Elements, the world of remote collaborations has changed but Joel’s approach is still centered on consistency. That’s in part because he was able to foresee the industry’s shift to remote collaborations and a global workplace. Source-Connect is a career life changer, and – like in the case of Joel – is a constant companion through the phases of one’s professional career.

“I have used it the way I always have: sending my voice to studios around the country and the world,” he notes. “For me it hasn’t changed at all which is great…it’s reliable and I know it will always be there when I hook up.”

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