March 22, 2023

Play The Voice

Play The voice are the Damsgard children, 4 incredible young talent offering grown-up services, and also Source Elements Scholars. In their young age, The Damsgard children have already provided their voice acting talents globally for over 500 productions....

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February 15, 2023

José Santaella

José Santaella is a multitalented bilingual Voice Over from Venezuela who has experience in acting on TV, radio and has been producing audio for commercial use for a few years now. He records from his home studio which had allowed him to lend his voice to wonderful brands, products, and clients from all over the world. ...

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January 24, 2023

Entrevista con Lizet Vásquez

Entrevistamos desde Colombia a Lizet Vasquez y Javier Anton en Perú a través de Source-Connect. Ambos usuarios de Source-Connect desde 2020 y unos de los profesionales más destacables actualmente . Nos cuentan cómo han llegado hasta la industria del doblaje y del voice over, su proceso de montaje del estudio internacional, y cómo Source-Connect les ha abierto un mercado internacional en la lengua hispana. ...

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