Meet the Source Elements Academy!

Our certifications program is back with a brand-new Academy website, two brand-new courses, and updated versions of the Source-Connect certifications!
The new and improved Source Elements Academy includes a plethora of content and new courses, and a new Community space to interact with other Academy users.
There are music, application, and off-topic forums, or course-specific groups for questions directly related to one of our courses. Also, check out the Resources section to look at one of our previous Academy webinars to learn more about remote recording and check out the latest Academy news.

Ready to get started?

Acquire advanced skills to drive your ongoing work with our available certifications and get yourself certified as a voice-over actor or a professional studio. Sign up for one of the courses available on the Academy:

Have you already taken the Source-Connect course in the Academy and want to get recertified? You can purchase our yearly systems check.

No matter where your career takes you, the Source Elements Source-Connect certifications will be relevant anywhere in any role. They will give you a competitive advantage over other actors and studios by placing you among any contact searches in the Source Elements dashboard, thus giving you more job opportunities.

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