Newsletter 8, March 2014

March 11, 2014

Date: March 11th, 2014

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Read our March news in our eighth newsletter, announcing major new products and upgrades, NAB 2014, VO Atlanta 2014 and information of interest.

Meet us at NAB & VO Atlanta

From Source Elements: Advanced tools for audio professionals

Source Elements hopes to meet with you at NAB 2014 and VO Atlanta.

NAB 2014: Las Vegas, April 6th-10th

Register with our Free Exhibitor Guest Pass until March 21st

VO Atlanta, Atlanta, March 20th-23rd

We have exciting new products and updates to show you, to be released during the Spring:

Major Source-Connect update

  • Huge Source-Live update
  • Source-Connect Pro X Surround
  • And something new and unexpected
  • Free Exhibitor Guest Pass for NAB 2014
  • Source-Connect Now: Coming in Spring 2014

Have you tried Source-Connect Pro X?

Finally - it's possible to run remote surround mix sessions with picture lock and direct realtime feedback from the remote participants.

Pro X is the most affordable surround codec on the market.

Source-Talkback 1.2

"STOP – don’t turn the page or you will be in danger of missing one of the best kept secrets of savvy studio owners around town."

This plug-in has been very popular, we're proud of how many studios are finding it useful. Click on the Video link above for Mike Aiton's video review, also reviewed in AudioMedia Magazine:

Source-Talkback enables console style talkback and listen-back without needing any external hardware. Newly designed for AAX 64-bit compatibility in Pro Tools 11. Now with Auto mode that opens the talkback when the transport is stopped. Pair with the 2Q system for remote control talkback.

What is 2Q?

2Q is a remote control system for activating a recording console talkback circuit, no desk or special hardware required, just plug it into a spare USB port. Version available specifically designed for Source-Talkback support.


Source-Nexus is an audio application router: Record remote voiceover from Source-Connect directly in Final Cut or Media Composer, playback iTunes to Pro Tools, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo. All at the same time! Route any audio application in and out of Pro Tools even if that application does not have plug-in support.

Source-Nexus is about to power a brand new service from Source Elements:

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