Source-Nexus Free will be replacing Source Elements’ Source-Connect Now

After many years of serving free communication to the entire world, we have a better and more modern service for you—and still free of charge.

There are some changes, however, so please go ahead and read the below content to see what might affect you.

  1. Source-Nexus Suite (including Free) still allows everyone to access the highest possible audio quality – now with support for all browsers, including Safari and Firefox.
  2. Source-Nexus Free audio is mono only. Upgrade for stereo and video support.
  3. Source-Nexus Suite (including Free) support both iOS and Android.

Belonging to the Source-Nexus Suite family, Source-Nexus Free will always remain an accessible, free version of the Source-Nexus Gateway that works with any Source Elements account, no license required.

What is new and improved?

  1. Support for all browsers for guests. Hosts still need Chrome.
  2. Re-engineered for future-proof quality and system support.
  3. Default option is to join with communications-quality mono audio. Upgrade the conection to High Quality “original” stereo audio in the settings.
  4. Host controls: for example, force-muting guests.
  5. Settings are remembered between your sessions.
  6. Improved, real-time network status of bandwidth quality.
  7. Improved “push to talk” switch with spacebar.
  8. Built to support many new features & innovations to come.

What is the same?

  1. Audio quality: choose from 128kbps to 512kbps, same excellent Opus codec.
  2. Email your guests an invitation link.
  3. Chat messaging.
  4. Local recording: up to 90 minutes of HD audio recording in WAV format (when in HQ stereo mode).
  5. Host controls: host can kick guests out.
  6. Disable sound notifications.
  7. Audio signal test.
  8. Network signal status.

Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Launch Source-Nexus session”.
  3. The first you use this, it will ask you to set the passkey. You can change this any time once you are logged in.
  4. Share your Source-Nexus session by clicking on the Invite button and email your guests.
  5. Share your session by clicking on the Info button and sharing your link with your guests directly. You must separately provide them the passkey to join your session.
    Note: changing your passkey will invalidate previous emailed links.


Ross Gillard, Source Elements VP of Products, and Robert Marshall, Source Elements Co-Founder, will present together a short but highly informative overview about the replacement for Source-Connect Now: the new and modernized Source-Nexus Free.

It will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask everything you need to know to get the best out of Source-Nexus Free.

Date: February 20th, Wednesday
Time: 12pm Los Angeles PST // 2pm Chicago CST // 3pm Miami EST // 8pm London GMT // 9am Auckland NZ (+1 day)
Where: Click here for the live stream on our Youtube Channel
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