The Media Production & Technology Show – London, 15 & 16 May


We are really excited to see our CEO Rebekah Wilson joining the programme as both chair and panelist at the Media Production & Technology Show with the top-quality speakers across a diverse range of experience and knowledge in broadcasting and media technology.

The Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS) is the UK’s premier event for the media and entertainment industry, bringing technology and creativity together under one roof for two unmissable days of networking, product discovery and exclusive content. 

Rebekah brings her more than 20 years of expertise as technical director at Source Elements in remote recording, remote collaboration and networked technology, hybrid and remote studio design, etc.

She will be participating in the following panels:

Are We Leading the Technology or is the Technology Leading Us?

 15-May-2024  15:30 16:05

Which drives innovation best, which leads to greater creativity, and which helps deliver the better audience experience? A panel of industry experts from both sides of the debate discuss this fascinating topic.

Hybrid Studio Design in the New Remote World 

 16-May-2024  15:30 16:00

This panel investigates several case studies to explore post production studio design, examining new industry requirements to embrace remote working, enhanced mobility, and how we redefine the significance of physical studio spaces in a contemporary landscape where the ability to work from anywhere is increasingly coveted by both employees and clients.

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