Source-RTL / Remote Time-Line is a workflow for remote ADR using Source-Connect and RTS without requiring the talent to operate a DAW. The talent only needs Source-Connect Standard and no DAW experience.

For MAC OSX 10.11 - 10.15

New! Version 1.0.4 featuring encryption and watermarking

Quick Start Guide

Very easy for your talent to use!

  1. Drag your video clips in the Creator and set the start time.
  2. Create the Source-RTL Player app and transfer it to your talent
  3. Establish a connection on Source-Connect and enable RTS (Send for you, Receive for them)
  4. You now have a complete, seamless Remote-Transport-Sync experience with your talent for ADR

The Player does not require any license. It assumes Source-Connect Pro or Standard is running on both sides.

Notes and Known Issues

  • We recommend that both parties use Source-Connect version 3.9 as Source-Stream is enabled for all users on this version and means that no port forwarding is required, lessening greatly the effort of the talent to get set up.
  • When using Dropbox to transfer files, make sure to append ?dl=1 so your talent download the Zip archive.
  • HEVC-encoded QuickTimes may not play on all systems.

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Source-RTL: Downloads and Pricing

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Mac OSX:
Price$25 month subscription
Try a 15-day full featured trialTRY 1.0
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