Mini-Masterclass: Latency in the Radio TechCon by Rebekah Wilson

This past November, our very own Rebekah Wilson participated in Radio TechCon 2021 and delivered a Mini-Masterclass regarding Latency. Rebekah shares her insights and research on addressing latency to optimise real-time remote collaboration and performance, for both musicians and all types of real-time interactions.

Here’s the excerpt from Rebekah’s talk:

Latency has become especially topical over the last couple of years!

When working at a distance we are faced with technological and performative processes that disrupt synchronisation. Limitations and constraints that might cause frustration can in fact be exploited for new creative strategies for musicians, broadcasters, podcasters and other producers of time-based media. These creative strategies not only accommodate the inconveniences of latency and acoustic feedback but can actually help us adapt and transform how we engage in real-time online.

You can watch the full video here:

Download the presentation slides here: Latency Mini-MasterClass

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