Hey Javier: What is Source-Nexus

Weekly, our Customer Support Coordinator Javier (hah-vee-AY) talks with us about what is going on in the world of support and how we can help our partners get the most out of their Source Elements products.

Adam: Hey Javier! What is happening in your world?

Javier: Source Nexus has been a big topic this week.

Adam: Can you give me and more importantly our readers, or as I like to call them Javier Heads, an overview?

Javier: What is Source Nexus? Its virtual sound drivers that can be used to route audio from one audio application to another within your macOS system (coming soon to Windows PCs).

Adam: Do you have any examples or links?

Javier: If you pair it with Source-Nexus Control, it’s companion app, you can create as many virtual drivers with up to 24 channels each as you need.

For example If you want to send your Pro Tools mix to a Google Meet call (but you should really be using Source-Live Pro LL!), you use Source-Nexus’ plugin in an auxiliary track, bus your mix to that track’s input and select one of Source-Nexus’ virtual drivers as Google Meet’s “microphone”. That way, everyone in your Google Meet call will be able to hear your mix coming from Pro Tools!

There’s a really neat intro video in our YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj5_1302O-g

And if you want to go down the Source-Nexus rabbit hole, check out this video by our Robert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhDdiiE3E_c in which a complex multiconference between different sound applications is tied together using Source-Nexus Pro and Source-Nexus Control.

Here you can see the folks at Auralation Music play around with Source-Nexus, Logic Pro X, and Zoom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOP-HYIZLi011:24As with all of our products, you can get a 15-day trial of Source-Nexus Pro and Source-Nexus Control https://www.source-elements.com/products/source-nexus/ so give it a try now!

Adam: Thanks Javier!

Javier: See you next week!

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