Hey Javier: What is Source-Live?

Weekly, our Customer Support Coordinator Javier (hah-vee-AY) talks with us about what is going on in the world of support and how we can help our partners get the most out of their Source Elements products.

Adam: Hey Javier! What is going on in the world of customer support? You seeing any trends that we should talk about?

Javier: Hey Adam, I think the big thing is what is Source-Live?

Adam: I know Source-Connect and that’s great to do voiceovers, ADR, and such.. But how do I know if Source-Live is something that will help me.

Javier: Source-Live is a video+audio streaming tool that services approval workflows: if you’re mixing a score for a film and you need to show your work to the director, you’d use Source-Live to stream the video and audio in-sync with low latency and high quality so they can see your work remotely and give it a thumbs up (or not) without the need to send beefy, several-tenths-of-gigabytes files over a file-sharing tool. Once you get Source-Live from our store, you’ll install the app and launch it, select the video and audio source and start streaming.

Adam: Can I find more information about Source-Live?

Javier: Sure thing almost everything can be found on the Support tab of our website, but here is the direct link: https://support.source-elements.com/show/introducing-sourcelive-pro. We are always there to help and get people up and running with our partners

Adam: Thanks for everything Javier, I’ll talk with you next week!

Javier: Bye Adam, have a good week!

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