Working from home?

We’re offering flexible licensing for the travel restriction period. Source Elements would like to do its part in assisting people staying safe and not travelling during the COVID-19 restrictions. Read more below in our newsletter.


If you need to work remotely, for example voiceover session or remote mixing, we’re here to support you and offer flexible licensing. If one of the following scenarios below doesn’t match your needs, reach out to us and ask how we can help.



If you need to remote-record, monitor, or approve in real-time.

Source-Connect is battle-tested and has a solid track record of success, used in the most demanding projects for over 15 years. Flexible for ADR, picture editorial, remote mixing, 5.1 surround, voice recording and overdubbing, session monitoring and more. Large install base and embedded industry knowledge, familiar to all.

It’s the industry standard.

For more information, visit this link. Source-Connect Pro is now available as a subscription.


If you need a mix or picture approval from your DAW or NLE.

Source-Live is the only software solution that streams HD video and audio without the quality inconsistencies of consumer apps. Source-Live maintains audio lock making it the right choice for professional use. Easy for your client and creatives to participate with all modern web browsers and free downloadable low-latency clients for macOS and iOS.

To further help those who are facing travel and social distancing restrictions, Source-Live Pro Low Latency is offered for $45 a month until March 31st, usually $245. You can subscribe here.


If you need to integrate your professional systems with non-professional communication apps such as Google Voice and Skype.

Source-Nexus does the job of a mess of cables with an in-the-box solution. AAX/VST/AU plugins means no complicated aggregate device setups or changing of your workstation’s I/O. Works with any mac-compatible software – get any audio from anyway in and out of your DAW.

For more information, visit this link


If you need an ISDN solution at home.

vISDN can provide a true ISDN circuit that is completely mobile. Source Elements is also able to provide Source-Connect to ISDN bridges via ISDNBridge. Contact us to discuss options for your specific needs.

Areas you might need support in:

  • Finding the right product: and integrating it into your unique setup.
  • Network and firewall configuration: we strongly recommend using Source-Connect 3.9 and Source-Stream.
  • Routing: check out Source-Nexus or in the case picture editing, you may need to use external hardware. Contact us for help.

Get in touch with us to answer your questions and address all your concerns. Our team is available to respond and engage within 24 hours, or join our community chat.


Source Elements builds purpose-build professional software for media professionals. Contact us for flexible licensing during this difficult period.

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