Newsletter 17: December 2018

December 19, 2018

Date: December 19th, 2018


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We're always excited to have the opportunity to meet you all in person - 2019 will offer us many more possibilities

We'll be demoing vISDN, the true ISDN/BRI circuit extended to you via your internet access, and hosting the studio at VO Atlanta, plus making some announcements we know you'll all be excited to hear about.

vISDN: ISDN service without the telephone company

vISDN has been seamlessly running for almost two years providing relief to users who need consistent and robust hardware ISDN access to users who have had their ISDN lines taken away, are bing over charged or other wise can not get ISDN or need mobile ISDN connectivity.

ISDN is not dead: it lives on with Source Elements

ISDN Bridging:

To further access to ISDN we are also proud to have brought online our Advanced service with a dedicated SPID option with a dedicated SPID option. Our ISDN bridge is available though Chrome/Source-Connect Now or more robustly via Source-Connect Standard/Pro.

Software updates:

This year we also released updates of Source-Connect 3 for Windows and MacOS. Those of you who are not yet on the latest versions are recommended to upgrade: remember, upgrades are free when you have uninterrupted support!

What’s to come

We have some exciting things to come in 2019! We look forward to building on our excellent reputation for providing the best remote-record, monitoring and support services for the industry.

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