Press Release: Source-Live 2.0 for Mac OSX

"Making it possible to make music with anyone in the world." - James Lugo.

Date: July 10th, 2012

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Your clients are on the beach in Bali and you need to get instant approval for a mix? No problem. Source-Live 2.0 for Mac OSX is a one-click destination to real-time, high-quality streaming for audio professionals with easy access for your clients to listen via a web browser or iPhone. Source-Live 2.0 follows in the success of Source-Connect’s Standalone model: no longer tied to your DAW, you have complete freedom and flexibility to stream any audio source, digital or analog. The new Source-Live 2.0 has full support for Pro Tools 10 with AAX and 32-bit processing via Source-Link technology, along with 64-bit Audio Units and support for RTAS and VST. Sample-rates up to 96khz allow everyone to work directly from their DAW. Stream mono or stereo audio up to 320kbps AAC directly to your clients for fast, immediate feedback and collaborative mixing.

World-renowned musician and mix engineer James Lugo recently made a lifestyle move away from Hollywood to North Carolina and started with the ultimate mixing platform, an SSL E Series console. “Nowadays with Source-Live and the internet I’m still able to work at the same level and with the same TV and record companies I did in Hollywood. You are live in our studio and listening in real time at full bandwidth via Source-Live to your music as it’s being mixed. It is truly the best of both worlds.”

Source Elements’ one-of-a-kind Source-Live Gateway is the easiest way for clients to listen to live audio remotely via any modern web browser, or download our free iPhone Gateway app. With upcoming support for voice, text and video chat, experience immediate feedback as it happens on your timeline. Make changes, finalize your mix, or use in combination with Source-Connect for true, creative collaboration. Source-Live works great for voice over, live tracking sessions, mixing and mastering – your possibilities are limitless.

Zero-Config Source-Stream technology allows you to mix from anywhere, everywhere. For those who don’t have time or access to their network configuration, with Source-Stream your live audio will be available at a moments notice. For lower-latency streaming you can configure your network directly and Source Elements’ support team specialists are there to help: with 3 months live tech support included with all purchases, get your network configured for direct access on your studio network. With the lower listening latency, client feedback will be more immediate and powerful.

Source-Live 2.0 is available for download now for Mac OSX. See the Source Elements website for a full-featured 15-day trial. Source-Live requires an iLok for trials and full versions. Upgrades and cross-grades available.

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