Newsletter 4, January 2011

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Date: January 4th, 2011

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Source-Connect Pro 3.5.1 for Mac OSX

Source-Connect Pro 3.5.1 features improved support and stability. Recommended for all Pro Tools HD systems. Windows release is expected mid-2011, contact us to register your interest for early access.

See support note below for Upgrade pricing, or get a 15 day free trial directly from the website.

Source-Connect Standard 3.5 Standalone

Source-Connect Standard 3.5 Standalone is the new, easy way to make your crystal clear, digital connections over the internet. No need to run any audio host, you have full access to the same great features directly from your desktop.

Source-Connect Standard 3.5 is now available for Mac OSX. Only requires an iLok – works with all audio hardware.

See support note below for Upgrade pricing, or get a 15 day free trial directly from the website.

Source-Zip Pro

Source-Zip Pro will soon be available. Additional features include iLok licensing, industry-strength encryption with password protection and a file browser to select and unzip specific files.

Source-Zip Pro will be available for only $105. Contact us to register your interest in trying out the beta.

Source-Live: Listen on your iPhone

We’ll be releasing a custom, dedicated Source-Live Listener app for the iPhone early this year. Until then, you can listen to Source-Live streams with 3rd Party applications such as StreamItAll and Tuner2. Contact us for details on how to use them in the meantime, and let us know your interest in trying out the early Source-Live Listener beta when available.

New! Live weekly support webinars

Starting Thursday the 20th of January, we’re offering free one-hour live tutorials. Any one is welcome to join, even if you’re not using Source Elements software.

Software updates and Support

How do upgrades work?

  • Free software upgrades are included with Uninterrupted Support.
  • Each licensed purchased includes a complementary period of support, and you may purchase additional support months individually or discounted by the year/quarter, for that license.
  • If you have missing support months, you can make your support current for just $10 a month.

Support Contract and services

  • Special upgrade offer for Source-Connect Standard 3.5 If you are more than one version behind you can skip to Source-Connect Standard version 3.5 for just $89. This offer ends March 30th 2011.


Need a software update? Check your support contract before buying a direct upgrade as making your support contract current might be less than the upgrade price.

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