Upcoming: Source-Connect 3.0 with Auto Restore and Auto Replace

October 2, 2007

October 2nd, 2007

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Effortless, automatic, perfect quality, remote recordings. Every time.

Chicago, IL (October 02, 2007): Source Elements LLC is pleased to announce the ultimate solution for perfect quality, low latency, IP based, real-time collaborative recording for the sound industry. The introduction of Source-Connect 3.0 with Auto Restore and Auto Replace overcomes every quality issue that IP streaming can encounter, while simultaneously delivering vastly superior audio quality compared to ISDN.

Continuing to utilize T1, Cable, or DSL internet connections, Source-Connect Pro 3.0's Auto Restore feature now defeats the inherent roadblocks of IP recording by ensuring the timely restoration of dropped packets with a revolutionary process that operates in the background of any recording session. No more effort is required from the Recording Engineer other than simply turning on the Quality of Service feature. If a glitch occurs during streaming, Auto Restore automatically identifies dropped packets, recalls them from the remote system and restores them into the original audio file without ever leaving the timeline: quickly and automatically. Source-Connect 3.0 delivers perfect audio regardless of the quality of your Internet connection, delivering on the promise of no longer needing to lean on expensive ISDN lines and outdated codecs.

Going one step further in meeting the demand for perfect sound recordings, Source-Connect 3.0's Auto Replace feature calls for the remotely recorded, uncompressed audio file and then locally replaces the AAC file with the full resolution PCM counterpart; not just on the hard drive but also within the timeline. No longer does the Recording Engineer have to re-edit the uncompressed file into an already edited timeline.

The stigma of a remote connection and/or a remote IP connection are gone forever; easy to manage, real-time, remote sessions with uncompressed audio are possible only with Source-Connect Pro 3.0. John Binder, co-founder of Source-Elements states "With our extensive experience with remote connections of all types (including ISDN and IP) we realized that no public network is capable of 100% delivery of real-time, latency sensitive data. We needed to provide a solution for our customers so they could rely on the connections they were using and allow them to focus on the project at hand - not technical issues." Source elements Co-founder Robert Marshall adds "Making affordable, world wide, high quality, real-time synchronized audio connections was possibly the first major revolution in remote audio collaboration. Making the process of reliably and simply recording and running a session in real time from a remote location and having fully uncompressed PCM audio seamlessly integrated into the workflow a reality is a second revolution that will push all types of remote audio collaboration to new levels."

Auto Restore and Auto Replace ensure the ability to record remotely located talent at the quality level you decide you want to work at, not the quality your Internet provider decides. Automatically.

Source Elements LLC was formed in 2004 by John Binder and Robert Marshall. John and Robert are the founders and engineers of one of the country's premier sound design and post production houses with a combined thirty five years experience in audio production and post. Their direct and daily experience with the tools and methods used globally give them a precise understanding of both the needs of today's modern sound studio and the desires of those who work in them. Their interest in providing themselves with better tools led to the formation of Source Elements, a company dedicated to providing remote connectivity solutions to the professional audio market.

For more information visit https://www.source-elements.com

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