Source-Connect now supports apt-X codec

Source Elements LLC, a leading provider of software solutions for the professional audio industry, has integrated the highly-acclaimed Enchanced apt-XR algorithm into their Source-Connect Pro plug-in.

Date: April 3rd, 2007

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Chicago – April 2007:

apt-X is highly regarded throughout the professional audio industry and is in daily use throughout the world delivering superior audio quality over countless networks. A real time digital audio data reduction system, apt-X compresses with no perceptible audible degradation and a negligible coding delay of under 2 milliseconds at 48kHz.

Source-Connect is a fully featured Pro Tools plug-in which allows broadcast-quality audio to be transmitted between remote locations. Affordable, fully duplex and high quality link-ups between Pro-Tools users can be achieved with the Source Connect plug-in over a T1, cable or DSL internet connection

Robert Marshall, co-founder of Source Elements, says: “The apt-X option offers customers the ability to use this trusted and proven algorithm, which has a long history of successful use throughout the broadcast and film industry. Because apt-X is not based on a perceptual model but instead on an ADPCM delta-mod system, it is proven to be resilient and able to preserve the integrity of the uncompressed signal while still passing through multiple encode and decode stages. APT has a very loyal customer base, and we believe this option for Source-Connect Pro will be a welcome addition for professional recording studios.”

Jon McClintock, APT’s Commercial Director, adds: “Source-Connect Pro Mac and PC users will now be able to stream the output of their Pro Tools mix in apt-X compressed audio. We believe Source Elements are an appropriate technology partner for the apt-X algorithm and we are excited about this very significant feature being available for Pro Tools Users worldwide.”

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