Source Elements Announces Two New Versions of Source-Connect

Source Elements LLC announces a further broadening of its product lineup by releasing a lower cost version of Source-Connect while at the same time enhancing the capabilities of the newly released Source-Connect Pro 2.5.

Date: January 19th, 2006

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The Source-Connect family of products continues to be the Pro Tools connectivity toolset of choice, enabling real-time, high-quality, low cost connectivity options such as DSL, cable or T-1 lines. Current Source-Connect Pro users include hundreds of the top studios around the world.

The new lower cost Source-Connect 2.5 retains the core functionality of Source Connect Pro, but is customized for musicians and voice-over artists. Source Connect 2.5’s feature set includes stereo bit-rates up to 192kbs, a simplified user interface, Remote Transport Synchronization with overdub mode and the ability to connect to Source-Connect Pro. Utilizing the most current AAC/mp4 algorithms, Source-Connect 2.5 provides users with true 24 bit audio quality. This new version of Source-Connect is scheduled for release in early February 2006 and will be priced at $395 USD.

Source-Connect Pro 2.5 features include stereo bit-rates up to 320kbs, Multi Connect, Remote Transport Synchronization with overdub and review mode, VPN functionality for increased security, advanced control over bandwidth optimization and latency, user-defined port selection, phone support with the option for certification and is optimized to allow multiple users within a network. Source-Connect Pro remains available at and is priced at $1,495 USD. For a limited time, all new purchasers of Source-Connect Pro will receive a copy of Source-Elements new product, Source-Live at no additional cost (a $395 value).

“Our mission with Source-Connect is to make products that provide real-time connectivity for every Pro Tools user in the world. We believe that offering a lower cost version of Source-Connect will put our product within reach of every Pro Tools user in the world and enhances the capability of Source-Connect Pro by rapidly expanding the user base. Meanwhile we will continue to develop high end features for Source-Connect Pro that are needed in today’s professional recording studio” states John Binder, co-founder of Source-Elements.

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