News: Source Elements releases Source-Connect 1.0

Chicago: Source Elements has announced the release of Source-Connect, the first Pro Tools plug-in capable of streaming audio directly from one Pro Tools system to another.

7th March 2005

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Source-Connect enables audio connections between Pro Tools systems anywhere in the world, allowing direct-to-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only T1, Cable, or DSL internet connections.

Source-Connect eliminates the need for expensive ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees and minute-by-minute line charges, enabling affordable high-quality connections between studios, voiceover talent and musicians. Incorporating a high-quality AAC codec, Source-Connect requires a minimum upload and download bandwidth of 300kbs and allows for communications at bit rates up to 160kbs. It has been successfully tested in sessions between studios around the world.

“Source-Connect opens up the remote recording industry to users who had been shut out of that market,” says Source Elements co-founder John Binder. “It eliminates the enormous cost of entry and ongoing fees of the ISDN realm.” Co-founder Robert Marshall states, “For the cost of a single month?s worth of ISDN fees, users now have an integrated Pro Tools plug-in that delivers superior sound while simplifying the process to that of an instant messaging connection.”

Unlike ISDN, which requires complex set-up and often, assistance from the machine room, Source-Connect appears right in the Pro Tools session. A simple selection from the user-defined contact list initiates a connection. Michael Coyle of Chicago Recording Company, after testing Source-Connect in his home and studio, remarked, “One surprising benefit of Source-Connect versus ISDN dialups is how fast you can connect and disconnect. It’s nearly instantaneous — so fast I wasn’t even sure it happened.”

Dave Immer, an early adapter and owner of ISDN bridging service Digifon states that, “It was such a compelling application that I went and bought 2 Mboxes just to run it with. Source-Elements looks to be an important player in this field, it sounds great and the interface is elegant and easy to use. But the real kicker is the cross-platform nature of Source-Connect. Macs can seamlessly connect with PCs, other Macs and vice-versa in ‘real time’ via IP. I am impressed.”

Source-Connect is available for immediate download from and is priced at $1,495.00. Source Elements was founded by John Binder and Robert Marshall, two audio engineers who develop alternative solutions to the problematic complexities of everyday post-production. For more information, log on to Source-elements.

Source Elements will be at NAB in the Avid Developers booth.

For more information, contact:
John McGrath Source Elements
515 N. State Street, Floor 25 Chicago, Ill 60610 +1 312 706-5555.

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