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December 20, 2021

Quotes and session from our users about the interesting work they are doing with a little help from Source Elements services, products and education.


George Alwer

I’m quite pleased to have enrolled in it. The course helped me tremendously in understanding many technical features of Source-Connect Pro, Pro-x, and Q-Manager.

Jill Perry

Getting my certification made me feel more empowered to troubleshoot.

Kevin Laurent

It really increased my knowledge base as well as my confidence that I am able to resolve an issue that may arise during a recording session.

Eduardo Ruales

I really enjoyed the Lessons. Great Certification!





Michael Beinhorn, musician and record producer

Source-Connect Pro has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of how I will be approaching the entire process of record production going forward. It is a true game changer in every sense of the term.

James Lugo, Hollywood’s top rock & pop vocal coach

Source-Live has made my dream of being an international mixer a reality. Incredible software.

Tony Shepperd, world class producer/engineer, Los Angeles

Source-Connect blew me away, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER! In the same amount of time of recording to disc, exporting and uploading an AIFF, we finished the tweaks on the entire song! Unbelievable! This entire process has given me more creative time and the ability to make the client happier, faster. If you spend some time with any of the Source Elements team you will be surprised by how good the tech response is. From the people to the plugin, Source Elements is really impressive. We are in new era of our industry. If you have not tried either of these technologies, you should. Trust me after the first week, you won’t know how you worked without these tools.

Zdena Pelikanova, Czech Film Orchestra

Source-Connect is a great tool! We have done dozens of recordings using Source-Connect to connect Los Angeles to Prague on many major films including 28 Weeks Later, Open Season 2, Armored, and Last House on the Left, and many more … The ability to be anywhere with a basic DSL or Cable modem and connect to orchestras in London and Prague is wonderful.

Mitch Clyman, Muso Productions, Israel

Besides the fact that Source-Connect Pro is the ultimate tool for ADR for remote recording over the internet there is one thing that separates Source Elements from all other audio plug-in software companies. That is their online tech-support. No other company offers you this type of personal service. From set up to any problems you may encounter. Do these people ever sleep? Simply amazing!

Mike Aiton, ESPN-Sports, London

I had my producer in London here with me, recording talent in Milan. I was controlling their Pro Tools transport and pictures – with lock up as fast we my V10/Unity could play pictures back. The audio was therefore perfectly in sync with my pictures as well as theirs. BLACK MAGIC! All for the cost of .. NOTHING – it was over the internet, and sounded awesome. This will save you thousands if you previously delved into the murky depths of ISDN.

Andy Morris, Buzzy’s Recording, Los Angeles

Finally, the era of true collaboration has begun. The paradigm has changed.

Barnier Geerling, IAM Studios, The Netherlands

Source-Connect will definitely cause a revolution amongst ISDN codec users. It’s great to finally be able to connect from within Pro Tools to anyone in the world with broadcast quality. This is what we’ve all been waiting for..

Rail Jon Rogut, California

An amazing plug-in.. it’ll pay for itself the first time you use it! Full-duplex communication with the remote site is tremendous and the audio quality, even with any sample rate conversion, is excellent.

Simon Leadley, Trackdown Studios, Sydney, Australia

Using this plug-in is like having someone in the booth next to you even though they are in another country. Simple to set up and use, and with great audio quality, this plug is sure to make collaboration easier and cheaper. No expensive encoding/decoding boxes at each end, no ISDN line charges. This is a winner on every front.

RIP, Simon!


Legendary Technical Support from Source Elements

Sydney’s Crash Symphony Productions, June 2017

Sydney’s Crash Symphony Productions recently conducted a Source-Connect ADR session for the two final episodes of the AMS TV series Turn. Source Element is delighted to provide technical support to assist in the smoothest possible experience with complex scenarios such as these.

We can only speak great things about the technical support from the company, Source Elements. Robert Marshall was absolutely fantastic in the support that he gave to us. He was extremely patient, available, quick-to-respond, technically knowledgable about the software and hardware setup, and spent a lot of time on the phone with us to make sure that our Warner Bros ADR session went smoothly. We cannot thank Robert enough for his efforts. — Crash Symphony Productions

More about: Crash Symphony

The world is calling.

Iain Anderson at Glasgow’s Savalas Sound, September 2016

It’s been a busy week for ADR mixer Iain Anderson at Glasgow’s Savalas Sound. As ADR studio of choice for many Scottish actors, Savalas played host to a number of productions, from prime-time dramas to big budget features, all using Source-Connect to link up with many London based sound-post facilities. Source-Connect Pro allows Savalas the flexibility to not only communicate, but initiate playback and recording using LTC or RTS, providing a seamless workflow for their clients, talent and directors. The growing network of Source-Connect facilities is easy to access and reliable connections have made ISDN a thing of the past. Late night transatlantic sessions run flawlessly, with crystal clear audio and transport sync through their connection with only a short time delay. This type of session was previously only made possible by using expensive bridging services.

Source-Connect Pro is Savalas’ number one remote connection method. It enables the team to meet client’s needs and service a busy time in audio post production, making any studio local, at the click of a mouse.

Source-Live Supports Real-Time Changes

Tom Gioia & Andy Snitzer, Visionary Music Group, May 2013

“I recently downloaded Source-Live, it is really a fantastic piece of software. And very simple for your clients to use – send them a link they open it and they can have all your realtime changes at their computer in their studio, just like being in the room! The support team were excellent as they walked me through my setup and optimized my network.

I would highly recommend Source-Live for anyone working in today’s music world on a professional level.”

Source-Live video demonstrating it in use in Tom’s studio:

More about Visionary Music Group and

International Support Strikes Again

Lofty Fulton, January 2013

“Let me say at the outset I am a technical Neanderthal, I know what I need to know to run my studio and my tech knowledge does not extend much past that.

Thanks to your screen sharing app you were able to iron out the bugs in my Source-Connect set up and answered all my “kindergarten” type questions with the utmost patience. With patience and extreme understanding of my lack of knowledge in these areas, this thing is now humming like a bird.

So kudos guys, two thumbs up and thanks so much. With support services like this I have no qualms.”

More about: Lofty Fulton in Australia.

Cutting down on air miles

Daewoo Kim, September 2012

“Fantastic tech support!! I was surprised that you got back to me on a Saturday, and turns out that your new Source-Live version 2.0 is better than I expected.

I gotta tell ya, I’m getting more clients from overseas because of Source-Live. All my clients from Korea had to fly over the Pacific to produce their albums here in Nashville, but now they can do it from where they are.

Not many people know about this, but whoever experiences it is in awe of this technology.

Thank you for developing this fantastic plug in that opened the door for me to develop more clients.”

More about: Daewoo Kim and

Talent meets tech

Deb Munro, June 2012

“I keep myself more than busy and when tech issues happen, I don’t have time to waste nor do I have the time to learn more tech. Source Elements has not only saved me tons of headaches, but they’ve also saved me a ton of money compared to my ISDN and they’ve made sure that I’ve spent less time wasted so I can get back to what I do best – which is reliable Voice services to my clients.

Your support team has helped me through a few circumstances already that weren’t even the fault of Source-Connect. As talent we run a lot of tech and we have not been trained as tech experts. I have had a ton of issues lately with not only my ISDN (which is costing me a fortune to maintain) but also my Pro Tools/Digi Design002 board and your team has saved me in all my challenges. You’ve allowed me to shine with my clients, take holidays when I want to and worry less about my tech issues. All I had to do was ask. I am always looking for companies who truly care about their clients and it’s obvious that you are one of them. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to all my clients as well. I just can’t thank you guys enough.”

More about: Deb Munro

The International Traveler

Jeff Bordner, January 2012

“For quite some time now, I’ve been meaning to let you know again how much we love Source-connect and what an amazing tool it is! We use it on a daily basis and have managed to cut our ISDN usage by more than 60%. Not only that, but it works fantastically as an ISDN bridge for me when I’m on the road.

Last year while on holiday, I did several live voiceover sessions from a hotel in Paris, as well as Chateau de L’Isle-Marie in Normandy, using my Source-connect/ISDN bridge through my studio in Salt Lake City, while connected with studios in New York, LA and Florida. Not only did it work flawlessly, I didn’t even have to use the Hamachi/VPN.

Last week, while vacationing in Disneyland with my family, my agent called me to book some emergency voiceover sessions with The Discovery Network. The closest studio we could find was an hour and a half away — not doable. Fortunately, I had my portable studio with me and found out that the studio I was to connect with, Nutmeg Studio in New York also had Source-connect. We got the project voiced; the studio was happy, the client was happy and I was…extremely pleased.

I know that we initially had some major technical issues while trying to get Source-Connect to work with my Vegas software — it was incredibly frustrating at times (for BOTH of us) and you were so wonderfully patient — but it has been so worth it! For years now, I have been telling everyone I know in radio, TV, voiceovers and the recording industry about source-connect because I think it’s truly fantastic. It has not only saved us time and money (And my butt a few times)…it also affords us the freedom to work from just about anywhere in the world. How amazing is that?

Just wanted you to know…thank you again so very much!!”

More about: Jeff Bordner

Helping a disaster-ruined studio reconnect

Ben Edwards, March 2011

Ben Edwards owns and runs an audio post production studio and music recording studio called ‘The Sitting Room’. Sadly between the September and February earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand Ben’s studio is now in ruins and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vintage, rare and sentimental studio pieces are lost. In true kiwi spirit however The Sitting Room is determined to get back on it’s feet, keep going and rebuild. Part of the momentum obviously is cashflow and without work there’s no cash.

“Source Elements have been amazing, they’ve not only come to the party with their words of encouragement and support but they’ve also managed to set me back up again with Source-Connect. Within 2 weeks from the devastating earthquake I’m able to work and earn again. Sure, I don’t have all my nice mics and pre-amps and monitors, but I have a Macbook Pro, Source-Connect and some headphones and it was enough to connect in with a studio in Auckland recently to finish a job. Honestly, right now if it wasn’t for Rebekah and Source Elements would be SO much harder than they already are” – Ben Edwards.

More about: The Sitting Room

From home to Hawaii

Bob Boving, February 2011

“I just want to let you know about a very successful voiceover session I did, while away from my home studio.

We travelled to Hawaii a few weeks ago and had a request for a session to the East Coast from my hotel room. I have the Source-Connect Standard as a plug-in on my MacBook with Snow Leopard, running Pro Tools 7.4.2. This is not an optimal setup, according to Avid I should be running at least version 8 of Pro Tools. Nonetheless, I managed a two hour session, using the “high” setting, that was absolutely trouble free – not a single drop-out, even though the system show that the port was not mapped!

Thanks for a great piece of software!”

More about: Bob Boving

The Perfect Storm

Jeff Laurence, May 2010

“Recent storms here in the NC mountains took out our ISDN connectivity. Apparently a lightning strike broiled a card at our no ISDN for me. Source-Connect to the rescue.. We had a large national voiceover session scheduled,and I didn’t want to cancel.. so we fired up Source Desktop.. and Source-Connect…THEN we contacted Steve at Out-Of-Hear..and he bridged us to the studio in California so they literally didn’t realize that our ISDN was out of service. Steve connected them using Layer 2-128, and we used the medium-mono setting.. perfect!

Seriously this is not only the best alternative to costly ISDN codecs, it is becoming my favorite way to do sessions.

Finally.. and quickly.. I was doing a week of broadcast work at the recent Masters Golf event in Augusta.. and was still needing to record sessions from my motorhome.. Several times during the event I connected on a LAPTOP using a G3 EVDO connection.. with stunning results, and a quality finished product. If you hear one of our Dish Network TV hear the sound of Source-Connect.. again FLAWLESS. Thanks for a superb product! “

More about: Jeff Laurence

ISDN Bridging from Egypt

Alex Verde, April 2010

“Having Source-Connect Standard cemented my relationship with a very good and longstanding client in Texas. Usually when traveling I have to find a studio that has ISDN. However those days are now over. While traveling in Egypt and Israel a few weeks ago, I used a bridging service in Los Angeles (Steve Nafshun) to connect the ISDN studio in Texas, to my mobile studio and Source-Connect, in my hotel in Egypt. It was phenomenal. Not only was I ecstatic to provide for my family in a cool way, but the client was happy.

So in closing, I recommend Source-Connect Standard to VO talent, producers, and production companies, that have not bought ISDN yet, because of all of the associated costs. You’ll not only be doing ISDN sessions (with a bridge), but ISDN-like sessions, when you have someone on the other end with Source-Connect. Thanks again.”

More about: Alex Verde

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