Remembering June Foray

I was reflecting on what a privilege it is when someone deepens your appreciation and knowledge about a subject area. For me, one of those people was June Foray. Legendary voice actor June Foray was a master at her craft who dedicated time to supporting the animation industry in many ways, from helping found the Annie Awards to being an inaugural member of Women In Animation.

It was through Women In Animation that I had the pleasure of meeting June, who was a big personality in a tiny frame. I was rather star-struck – I can admit that to this community who likely share my admiration – during my first interaction. I soon came to appreciate that she, like many in the field of animation and voice in particular, was happy to be with people who loved creating things. She was a strong, independent woman who many blazed trails and encouraged others to pursue their dreams.

Even if the name isn’t familiar, trust me – you’ve heard her characters and performances. This article is a great tribute to her:

Until her death at 99, in 2017, she was a living historian of the animation industry. Her voice lives on in so many ways – including fondly in my memory.

Who has left an impression on you? Did have a mentor, a passing experience that left a positive mark? Who gave voice to what you do today?

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