Press: Announcing Source-Connect 3.8

Source-Connect Pro has been the go-to product for professional projects needing remote, HD audio over the internet since 2005, including Oscar-winning composer Bret Mckenzie who used Source-Connect to do vocal sessions for 'Muppets Most Wanted' with the Muppets and Tina Fey, from New Zealand to London.

Date: April 18th, 2014

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Source-Connect 3.8

Source Elements has been hard at work improving Source-Connect – the most popular means of delivering high-quality audio over the Internet among sound professionals without resorting to ISDN since 2005.The major new feature in version 3.8 makes getting through almost any firewall an automatic procedure that takes no effort or setup at all. This makes Source-Connect truly a take-anywhere codec. Voice and radio professionals can conduct sessions and interviews on the road using any internet connection with appropriate bandwidth. Further, for the corporate networks that are not able to be automatically negotiated or even setup with more traditional means, dedicated advanced features have been added that will allow Source-Connect’s secure integration into the most strict of corporate networks, such as setting specific outbound and inbound traffic for IP security. 20th Century Fox Post Production Services has enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of Source-Connect Pro and it’s Remote Transport Sync feature when conducting domestic and international sessions for various projects and clients.

Alan Parsons, who engineered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, was recently interviewed by the BBC thinks remote recording software is “the way of the future, especially as it can only get better. Far too much money is spent getting talent from one place to another.”

With the inclusion of Pro Tools 64-bit AAX compatibility, Source Elements is keeping it’s mind on all areas of the market. For the most high end of users, Source Elements is proud to offer the most affordable, easy to use and possible the only software product for real time 5.1 audio connections. Source-Connect Pro X is currently being used for real time surround mix approvals as well as multi mic and other multi channel audio transmissions. Chris McIntosh of Postal Audio, Vancouver says that ‘on the new ABC series “The Quest”, we were thrilled to be able to do the audio post in Vancouver. The only issue was that the producers are in LA and couldn’t all be here for the mix. We used Source Connect Pro X in order to playback our 5.1 mix live with picture sync to Chase Audio in Los Angeles. It amazed us how easily we could get it up and running and during our mix review, the system worked flawlessly!’

With a broad range of versions appropriate for home, road and corporate installations Source-Connect offers the most flexibility for professionals to get their work done regardless of their network situation and with the exciting announcement of the web browser based Source-Connect Now that will have integrated compatibility in the near future, there will hardly be a situation where Source Elements has not removed all the pain in connecting and delivering remote realtime high quality audio for any purpose.

Source-Connect version 3.8 is now available for download. For more information contact Source Elements at or visit Source Elements has been providing revolutionary audio products designed for remote collaboration since 2005. Their clients include some of the biggest media producers worldwide.

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