Press Release: Source-Connect 3.7 Released, AAX Support and more

When it comes to remote recording, no other solution is as easy and convenient as Source-Connect. Source Elements launches today their new line up of Source-Connect Pro and Standard for Mac OSX with version 3.7.

Date: July 10th, 2012

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The new 3.7 Standalone version provides full support for Pro Tools 10 with AAX and 32-bit processing via Source-Link technology, along with 64-bit Audio Units and updated support for RTAS and VST. Higher sample-rates up to 96khz now allow everyone to work directly from their DAW.

“Moving away from being just plug-in based has given us huge flexibility. In just a few short years we’ve gone from being Pro Tools only, to supporting every DAW you could want to use.”, said co-founder Robert Marshall. “It’s an exciting time for us, that we can once again focus on features and usability instead of just supporting DAW and OS changes and incompatibilities. We’re equipping every audio studio, musician and voice talent with the best possible tools to work remotely.”

With massive leaps in mobility technology, the ability to be connected becomes necessity. Source-Connect is used daily across the world, from Tasmania to Texas, Buenos Aires to Stockholm. Actor Ben Patrick Johnson comments that “Source-Connect is proving to be an invaluable mobility solution for me. With the release of 3.7 and its new features, Source-Connect’s tight integration with editing software like Pro Tools, plus savvy assistance from Source Elements and people like Brady Walker and FROMHOME, Source-Connect is poised to become the default for how pro audio moves into the 21st century – for the VO business and for the entertainment industry as a whole.”

Source-Connect 3.7 integrates support for 32 and 64-bit processing of Auto-Restore and Auto-Replace. Source Elements’ Auto-Restore and Replace technology is a critical feature when you are recording remotely and fast delivery is crucial: any time you go outside of your immediate hardware setup, you’re risking losing data – whether from corrupted file transfers, ISDN failures or real-time internet connection drop-outs. With Auto-Restore you are guaranteed to get every take the first time while it automatically identifies dropped packets, recalls them from the remote system and restores them into the recorded audio without ever leaving the timeline: quickly and automatically. Going one step further in meeting the demand for perfect sound recordings, Source-Connect’s Auto-Replace feature calls for the remotely recorded, uncompressed audio and then locally replaces the AAC derived file with its full resolution PCM counterpart; not just on the hard drive but also within the timeline including every edit. No longer does the recording engineer have to deal with FTP downloads or have to re-edit the uncompressed file into an already edited timeline.

Source Elements offers world-class technical support, included for up to 12 months with any license purchase and extendable for a small yearly fee. Deb Munro, award-winning international voice talent and coach, tells us that “as talent we run a lot of tech yet we have not been trained as tech experts. I have had a ton of issues lately with not only my ISDN (which is costing me a fortune to maintain) but also my Pro Tools equipment and your team has saved me in all my challenges. They’ve allowed me to shine with my clients, take holidays when I want to and worry less about my tech issues. All I had to do was ask. I am always looking for companies who truly care about their clients and it’s obvious that they are one of them.”

Source-Connect Pro and Standard 3.7 is available for download now for Mac OSX, with updated Windows support anticipated in September. See the Source Elements website: for a full-featured 15-day trial. Source-Connect requires an iLok for trials and full versions. Upgrades and cross-grades available.

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