Resources: “Do I invest in ISDN or an Internet Audio Program?” by Harlan Hogan

Date: January 19th, 2007

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Sought-after voice-over actor and author of A Voice Actor’s Guide to Home Recording, Harlan Hogan writes on ISDN vs Source-Connect, ‘Do I invest in ISDN or an Internet Audio Program?’:

‘If you are doing actual sessions from a home studio ISDN or an Internet equivalent (Source Connect, Audio TX) is an invaluable tool along with a traditional phone patch. To do Radio/TV imaging, ISDN capability is expected and necessary.

However ISDN is becoming hard to get from the Telco’s in many places and it is expensive. Installation runs around a hundred and fifty dollars for the two lines necessary, plus a monthly charge of forty to well over a hundred dollars a month, depending on location. It’s customary for the talent to not initiate a call, but if you do you’ll also be hit with line charges per minute — times two! A Chicago production house spends over a thousand dollars per month on ISDN line charges for audio book narrations. And there’s the gear – you’ll need an ISDN Codec (coder/decoder) essentially an expensive computer based modem – three to four thousand dollars new.

Enter the Internet and VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol. With a high speed Internet connection and a software solution you can send and receive air-quality audio via the Internet.’

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