Source-Live 1.0 released March 7th

Are you tired of getting client mix approvals over the telephone? Source Elements announces the release of Source-Live 1.0.

Date: March 7th, 2006

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Source-Live streams your full bandwidth audio over the internet to anywhere in the world, directly from within your Pro Tools session. By simply pressing the ‘invite listener’ button, an e-mail is sent to one (or multiple) clients containing a hyperlink. Once this link is clicked, a QuickTime stream is automatically opened on their computer. Utilizing the most current AAC/mp4 codec, Source-Live provides listeners with true 24 bit audio quality. Real-time ‘listener management’ and PASSWORD PROTECTION within the plug-in allows users to control of who’s listening in on the session. Additionally, Source-Live’s ‘Live-to-File’ feature makes generating mp4 files for RSS podcasting a snap. In addition to session monitoring, Source-Live can also be used to stream live events to a streaming server for true internet radio capabilities.

To DOWNLOAD Source-Live 1.0 visit the Source-Live page:

If you do not have an existing Source Elements ACCOUNT, instructions on how to create one will be mailed to you.

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