Source Elements Sales: Terms and Conditions

REFUNDS: Source Elements does not offer refunds except for exceptional cases. Before purchasing, we recommend you download, install and test software prior, and discuss any issues with Support as needed. In case a refund request is accepted, there will be a $50 re-stocking fee applied.

iLOK ZERO DOWN TIME: Source Elements fully supports the Zero Down Time and Theft and Loss Coverage programs. We highly recommend you apply for these program to protect your iLok licenses. See for information on Zero Down Time and Theft and Loss Coverage

LOST AND STOLEN iLOKS: We highly recommend insuring your licenses with your Contents Insurer in the event of lost or stolen iLok and you do not have TLC activated. Except for those enrolled in the TLC program, Source Elements cannot offer replacement licenses in case of lost or stolen iLoks.

iLOK.COM THEFT AND LOSS COVERAGE: Never lose your licenses even if your iLok is lost or stolen: License Protection and Support.

BROKEN iLOKS: In the case of a broken or damaged iLok, Source Elements is able to replace your license. We need verification from that your iLok is broken. You must sign up for Zero Down Time with and they will be able to replace your license in accordance with their policies. Contact for more information.

UPGRADING SOFTWARE: If you are applying for a software upgrade, your upgrade license will be authorized on the same iLok and the original license will be surrendered.

TRANSFERRING OWNERSHIP: Transfer of your iLok license ownership requires a $25 fee on Please see for details. The new owner will need to contact Source Elements to purchase a separate Support contract to activate an account.

SUPPORT CONTRACTS ASSOCIATED WITH A LICENSE: Support contracts and therefore access to upgrades associated with Support Contracts start the day the iLok license is delivered to the buyer’s iLok account. In the case of purchases via our dealer network, Support Contracts start the day that license delivery information is sent to the dealer who processed the sale.