In the press: Mike Shipley
October 26, 2006

Mike Shipley, Grammy-winning engineer/producer, was one of the industry’s top mixers before his untimely death in 2013. He gets interviewed by EQ magazine where he mentioned how impactful was Source-Connect for his creations.

“Mixing on the ICON, I use a new incredible plug-in that works brilliantly with Pro Tools called Source-Connect. It’s kind of like an ISDN line, but not. I can be listening at my studio in L.A. while someone is working in Nashville or the Holiday Inn in the Bahamas, anywhere with a Pro Tools rig, and everything can be heard in real time. I like to stay at home where I know I can get my sound; however with ISDN you have to work with a studio that has ISDN lines, and it gets very expensive. But with this plug I can send what I’m doing anywhere there’s some version of Pro Tools, even to an A&R guy with an Mbox in his office, and he can say, “That’s great, but can you make the kick sound a little different?” and we can solve the issues in real time.”

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