Michael Beinhorn, musician and record producer

Source Connect Pro has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of how I will be approaching the entire process of record production going forward. It is a true game changer in every sense of the term.

James Lugo, Hollywood’s top rock & pop vocal coach

Source-Live has made my dream of being an international mixer a reality. Incredible software.

Tony Shepperd, world class producer/engineer, Los Angeles

Source-Connect blew me away, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER! In the same amount of time of recording to disc, exporting and uploading an AIFF, we finished the tweaks on the entire song! Unbelievable! This entire process has given me more creative time and the ability to make the client happier, faster. If you spend some time with any of the Source Elements team you will be surprised by how good the tech response is. From the people to the plugin, Source Elements is really impressive. We are in new era of our industry. If you have not tried either of these technologies, you should. Trust me after the first week, you won’t know how you worked without these tools.

Zdena Pelikanova, Czech Film Orchestra

Source-Connect is a great tool! We have done dozens of recordings using Source-Connect to connect Los Angeles to Prague on many major films including 28 Weeks Later, Open Season 2, Armored, and Last House on the Left, and many more … The ability to be anywhere with a basic DSL or Cable modem and connect to orchestras in London and Prague is wonderful.

Mitch Clyman, Muso Productions, Israel

Besides the fact that Source-Connect Pro is the ultimate tool for ADR for remote recording over the internet there is one thing that separates Source Elements from all other audio plug-in software companies. That is their online tech-support. No other company offers you this type of personal service. From set up to any problems you may encounter. Do these people ever sleep? Simply amazing!

Mike Aiton, ESPN-Sports, London

I had my producer in London here with me, recording talent in Milan. I was controlling their Pro Tools transport and pictures – with lock up as fast we my V10/Unity could play pictures back. The audio was therefore perfectly in sync with my pictures as well as theirs. BLACK MAGIC! All for the cost of .. NOTHING – it was over the internet, and sounded awesome. This will save you thousands if you previously delved into the murky depths of ISDN.

Andy Morris, Buzzy’s Recording, Los Angeles

Finally, the era of true collaboration has begun. The paradigm has changed.

Barnier Geerling, IAM Studios, The Netherlands

Source-Connect will definitely cause a revolution amongst ISDN codec users. It’s great to finally be able to connect from within Pro Tools to anyone in the world with broadcast quality. This is what we’ve all been waiting for..

Rail Jon Rogut, California

An amazing plug-in.. it’ll pay for itself the first time you use it! Full-duplex communication with the remote site is tremendous and the audio quality, even with any sample rate conversion, is excellent.

Simon Leadley, Trackdown Studios, Sydney, Australia

Using this plug-in is like having someone in the booth next to you even though they are in another country. Simple to set up and use, and with great audio quality, this plug is sure to make collaboration easier and cheaper. No expensive encoding/decoding boxes at each end, no ISDN line charges. This is a winner on every front.

RIP, Simon!



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