Remote music lessons sound better than in-person

Bridge the gap with remote students by sharing crystal-clear sound that’s so intimate and detailed, you’re able to observe far beyond anything you’d experience in person.

Our simple, affordable music education solutions empower you to conduct ensembles, hold masterclasses, and teach one-on-one lessons over the internet in perfect time; students participate using a free web browser tool.

Our world class Solutions team can design your perfect remote workflow setup.

The most reliable solutions

Since 2005, our music education solutions are the gold standard for teachers and students around the globe—empowering both to collaborate seamlessly over the internet in real time and in stunning fidelity.

Products for music education workflows


Time to shorten distances

The remote HD audio collaboration solution in real time.
Record, send and receive full-resolution audio with anyone, anywhere, using the industry standard in voice, music and sound capture. 

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync.
Participants, professionals, musicians and students can view and participate, review and approve sessions instantly from anywhere using just a web browser.