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Most web tools available to music production educators compromise both syncing and streaming quality. It’s challenging enough to teach remote students what boosting 3dB at 6k or applying 20ms of reverb sounds like without internet latency, distortion, and bandwidth issues getting in the way.

Break the barriers to online audio-tech learning

With Source-Elements tools, your students can engage with real-time, audio-based course content from anywhere, as seamlessly as if they were in the classroom. Teach hands-on mixing, live. Give critical-listening quizzes, demonstrate miking techniques, share your DAW edits just like you’re all sitting in the control room. 

Solutions for you


Time to shorten distances

The remote HD audio collaboration solution in real time.
Demonstrate HD & surround samples to students over the internet.

Record, send and receive full-resolution audio with anyone, anywhere, using the industry standard in voice, music and sound capture.

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync.
Participants, professionals, musicians and students can view and participate, review and approve sessions instantly from anywhere using just a web browser.


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