I’m a director
I’m interested in review & approval

A few sound deliverables still need to be finalized and you’ve recorded replacement tracks. But you and your executive producer are at different locations. Source Elements bridge distances for your reviews and approvals.

Get the greenlight from anyone, anywhere

Source-Elements tools and a strong internet connection are all you need to get that approval that’ll push your project over the finish line—no matter where your collaborators are.

Solutions for you

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync.
Participants, professionals, musicians and students can view and participate, review and approve sessions instantly from anywhere using just a web browser.


Time to be powerful

Integrate and route HD audio from anywhere across applications & devices.
Route audio in real time between your DAW and any meet and chat applications like iTunes, Quicktime, Youtube, Facebook or other channels.