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It’s SuperBowl LXX. Kickoff is at 10:05. Crews are on standby; camera and drone feeds are live in the studio. Millions of fans are tuned in to the pregame show. It’s all systems go. Are you ready to call the shots?

Live broadcast production is not for the faint of heart. But you’re calm and confident, secure in the knowledge that all video and audio streams are flowing freely, locked in perfect sync.

If HD video is king, start polishing that crown

When it comes to content, HD is king. For viewers, high-definition video offers the thrills of dazzling picture and crystal-clear sound. Behind the scenes, though, things can get complex, especially when your teams are on location.

If you think collaborating on high-resolution video in real time is a faraway pipe dream, then you haven’t explored Source-Live. Streaming high-def video to and from remote broadcast teams, right over the internet, no ISDN necessary? Now that’s a score.

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Source-Live Pro

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Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync.
Participants, professionals, musicians and students can view and participate, review and approve sessions instantly from anywhere using just a web browser.

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