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Great ways to take your voice all the way to the bank: You’re hired to replace an actor’s voice in a film that’s already been shot, yet you’re in London and the post-production is happening in Los Angeles. Or, you’re recording voiceover from home for a new animated series—prior to the animation’s creation.

It can all be done in time and, in many cases, in literally minutes with Source-Elements solutions.

We call it ADR. You’ll call it career enhancement

Whether you’re overdubbing a mangled read for an audio book, voicing a missing film shot,  or heightening the intensity of parts of a TV spot, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) is the industry’s standard for recording dialogue that’s missing, unclear, or is on the never-ending wheel of script changes. Add it to your skillset. Your remote future will thank you.

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Time to shorten distances

The remote HD audio collaboration solution in real time.
Record, send and receive full-resolution audio with anyone, anywhere, using the industry standard in voice, music and sound capture.


Get in sync every time and provide a friction-free experience for remote performers. Capture frame-accurate recordings to local picture, with no technical hurdles on the talent side. Operate the entire session from your DAWs. For MacOS.


Hardware-free communication with local or remote talent as easily as if they’re in your tracking room when you bring console-style talkback to your Pro Tools sessions. Now with user-definable function keys and free Talkback controller iOS app. For MacOS.


Need to generate or chase linear time code? When you want to stay in sync but you don’t want extra hardware, convert MIDI Time Code (MTC) to SMTPE/LTC and vice versa with a simple standalone app. For MacOS.


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