Source-LTC is a software-based tool for converting MIDI Time Code (MTC) to SMPTE/LTC and back again. It’s simple, it’s seamless, and it’s a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions.

Put your DAW in charge

Source-LTC makes it easy to chase or generate linear timecode, no hardware necessary. Chase the timecode of remote Source-Connect sessions; send LTC down an audio leg of a remote Source-Connect connection for others to chase.
Besides remote workflows, Source-LTC works equally well in local workflows. Do it all without an expensive sync HD box. Source-LTC just works. With everything. It’s compatible with any DAW or audio application that’s capable of generating and/or receiving MTC/LTC.


Chase or generate LTC from your Mac without additional hardware. Excellent companion to Source-Connect for Remote Transport Sync, without the need for ReWire.



Need help? Get a guide.

Download a Source-LTC user guide for a comprehensive tour.