Source Elements Meet - good-sounding video conferencing

During the COVID-19 period we are offering free video chat collaboration tools.

Source Elements Meet provides video and audio at either broadcast or speakerphone quality (you choose) for multiple parties. Meet is an excellent companion to products such as Source-Live, or ideal for rehearsals and music lessons, for example.

IMPORTANT: Source Elements Meet is a peer-to-peer service, and requires that every participant has enough bandwidth to make a call to every other participant. For example, in a call of 4 people, you will make 3 outbound streams and 3 inbound streams. If one participant doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth audio and video quality may degrade.

For excellent, superb recording of audio over the internet, or review of HD video in sync with audio, see Source-Connect and Source-Live.

Sign in to your account and share the Meet address with whoever you want to talk with.


To stream audio from your DAW we recommend Source-Nexus: