ISDN service without the telephone company.

vISDN is a revolutionary new service that provides true ISDN connectivity to anyone with a good internet connection.

ISDN is not dead: it lives on with Source Elements.

vISDN, we have found to be the best alternative to ISDN. Works with your favorite MPEG codec and lets you dial in or out to other ISDN codecs. With the changes going on to availability and pricing to ISDN you won't find a better alternative out there.

-EDnet Operations and Engineering

We've been using ISDN in our field for about 3 decades now. More and more we've had to argue wit telephone companies to keep the ISDN service they provide alive because of our business infrastructure. Most telco's just continued to hike their rates higher and higher. It has become so cost prohibitive to remain with them. Thanks to Source-Elements vISDN, finally we can remain competitive. Except for a telephone number change (SPID), switching over to vISDN was competely transparent to the other studios we regularly connect with, and for my staff. Everything works, costs are under control, and I don't have to worry about the telco calling me and nudging me to get off their "old" ISDN lines that they do not want to support anymore. Thank you Robert for seeing the need and making it an opportunity for studios, talent, and other facilities to control spiraling costs, and remain compatible with an already established business model.

-- Digifon

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am extremely happy with my VISDN service. For demanding clients that require ISDN, living in an area without access to it was really hindering my business. Since having it installed, it's worked without a hitch on every other session, and my clients are super happy. I'm trying to tell everybody to get on the VISDN bandwagon because it's the most dedicated and rock solid solution out there right now.

- Beau Stephenson, Voice Actor, Actor, Musician

Just wanted to let you know that my interface arrived this afternoon and within 30 min I had it installed, configured and had performed the loop test. WOW, you all saved the day for me! Thank you so much for your excellent customer support and truly listening and understanding your customers' needs.

- James Bloch, BlochHouse Media

vISDN is a great option for anyone who:

  • is paying too much for ISDN service from their local telco
  • has their ISDN service cut off by their existing local or long distance provider
  • needs to travel with ISDN
  • needs to reduce ISDN usage costs
  • needs to switch their facility or network to IP.
  • needs to save on capital costs by not reinvesting in equipment.
  • needs to keep existing workflows intact.

vISDN is not a bridge

vISDN is a true ISDN/BRI circuit extended to you via your internet access.

Using a one rack space vISDN CPE, you plug in your existing ISDN codec (Telos, Maya, etc) into the CPE and also plug in one (or preferably two) internet connections into the CPE via ethernet. While only a single internet connection is required for core use, with two separate internet connections vISDN is better able to provide low latency and highly reliable connections that ISDN is known for and expected to deliver.

vISDN users are provided with new SPIDs so they can receive inbound calls from the PSTN and, of course, make outbound calls to the PSTN both as ISDN/Data as well as voice.

vISDN pricing:


  • 1 year commitment
  • $1200 setup
  • $200 per month (including taxes and fees)
  • 10 cents per minute per line US domestic long distance usage
  • very competitive international long distance rates (float with the market)
  • free in-network vISDN calling

Please contact us for more information.