Achieving ISDN reliability over the Internet.

Source-Net is a private Quality of Service (QoS) network for audio and media professionals. When used end-to-end, real-time audio communications over IP are made tremendously more robust and with lower possible latency compared to using traditional public internet peering.

How does it work?

The Source-Net Quality of Service network can be accessed with either dedicated wired service starting with T1 lines or with redundant public internet connections. When accessed over dedicated lines our MPLS network provides end-to-end QoS bringing Source-Connect and other IP codecs to the level of reliability and low latency associated with ISDN. Source-Net dedicated lines also provide access to the public internet and therefore connections to any other connection endpoint that only has basic internet access. In this case once the connection leaves the private Source-Net network, typical public internet peering is used to complete the connection. Therefore the QoS of the connection is no longer governed by the MPLS system that provides the strong SLA (service level agreement) that brings Source-Net up to the reliability and latency that the ISDN network is known for.

Optional line installation

Source-Net can also be accessed by dual redundant bonded public internet connections, for example when using a dedicated cable connection and a cellular hotspot simultaneously. In this case audio packets are sent and received redundantly over two public internet connections provided by the user and terminated at our data center with excellent bandwidth and peering to the public internet. This provides mobility, guaranteed UDP port access, eased security, and a lower price-point compared to a dedicated Source-Net networks. Because the chances of two internet service provides dropping the same packet are extremely low the redundant internet connections brings the Quality of Service close to — if not the same — as our direct Source-Net lines. Again, if the connection is with an endpoint not on the Source-Net network then once the traffic leaves our data center normal public internet peering is used.

Is it available now?

Source-Net private lines (T1 and above) are currently available. Our redundant bonded service is soon to be released as a beta service. Further, after the beta period the QoS connection between the private lines and the bonded connections will be established making it possible to have high quality low latency end-to-end connections between both methods of accessing the Source-Net network. Finally it will also be possible to purchase dedicated bonding equipment making it possible to bond up to 6 internet connections together for even greater reliability even over completely wireless//cellular network access.

What does it cost?

Private dedicated lines must be quoted individually and prices vary based on location. Typically one year or three year service contracts are required. Prices for a Source-Net T1 typically are between $300 and $500/ month and also require an installation fee. Redundant bonded public internet access to the Source-Net network will likely cost approximately $50 per month per two access connections plus initial setup fee.

ISDN Bridging

Currently ISDNBridge provides Source-Net connections. Thus other Source-Net users can experience excellent ISDN to Source-Connect Bridging performance when using ISDNBridge.