Access the ISDN Network easily and conveniently from Source-Connect and Source-Connect Now.

When connectivity to ISDN systems is required occasionally then a bridge is often the best option. An ISDN bridge allows users with internet access only to use Source-Connect to call or be called by an ISDN endpoint.

Looking for the original service? This is now our Concierge service. You can now book this here or call us for assistance. Support:
312-706-5555 then press 2 for ISDNBridge


Source Elements’ ISDNBridge service offers a booked system to guarantee that resources are available when you need them. Our advanced system gives you full control over the entire bridge so you can change settings or reboot any equipment and software if needed – right on the spot.


ISDN SPIDs numbers are unique for each booking and they are provided in advance when bookings are made so there is no last minute confusion. Still it is not convenient if you’re booking even somewhat often and every booking is assigned a different ISDN SPID. To avoid that confusion with the SPIDs, we also provide you the option to subscribe to permanently assigned SPID numbers so every time you book a bridge, your dedicated SPID is used so you can post your ISDN SPIDs on your website and give them to your agents/producer and simply memorize them.


While the advanced bridge provides complete remote access to the entire system, as with all Source Elements products we offer live support if ever needed. Bridges are available through either Source-Connect (Standard and Pro) or Source-Connect Now via the Chrome browser. On the ISDN side, you can connect using Mpeg2/3, AAC, G.722 and Phone codecs. Advanced conferenced bridges as well as other unique bridge setups such as timecode to RTS are also available on request.


Bridging fees are extremely reasonable using our advanced system or fully manually setup bridges are also available at a higher rate.


Order your inbound or outbound bridge on our web store:

For details about your Automated Bridge booking you can login at any time to see your assigned times and the ISDN SPIDS and Source-Connect users assigned to your booking. You can also move your booking if needed by clicking the ‘My Bookings’ link at the top of the page.

Use our concierge service for dedicated support, or our automated system to setup your own bridge

To use your automated bridge booking go to: and login.

  • If you login early before your bridge time, you will be presented with a message telling you when your booking is for.
  • If you have multiple bookings at the same time you will be presented with a choice of which booking you would like to use.
  • If your booking time has begun you will be logged straight into the bridge setup page, where you can choose what type of bridge you would like to use (Source-Connect Now or Source-Connect Standard/Pro).
  • You will also be able to setup the ISDN side of the bridge and if your booking is for a dial-out you can enter the ISDN/Phone numbers you wish to dial.
  • Once the bridge is setup, press the ‘place call’ button and the system will setup and launch your bridge. At that point you can login to your Source-Connect Now account using Chrome (if the bridge type was set to Source-Connect Now) or if the bridge type is Source-Connect Standard/Pro you can login in your Source-Connect software and connect to the bridge user noted at the top of the bridge page. Bridge users should be added automatically to your account.
  • Then for the ISDN side they can dial into the listed SPIDs (if the bridge type is inbound) or you will be connected automatically to the numbers you have provided (if the bridge type if outbound).
  • Once the Source-Connect side is connected and the ISDN side is dialed you will be bridged and should hear each other.

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