Verizon recently announced that they are no longer taking orders for new ISDN lines in the NorthWest of the United States. What does this mean? That Verizon, AT&T and other providers will soon cease taking orders in other parts of the U.S., and other countries are either following suit or have already begun this process.


With vISDN Source-Elements offers a direct solution for this situation. vISDN is not a bridge, it is true ISDN service using standard internet service as the last mile connection to the ISDN network instead of the traditional copper pair normally associated with ISDN service that various telcos are so desperate to discontinue. With vISDN costs are contained and reasonable. Service is mobile and available anywhere broadband internet is available, and ISDN connectivity will remain an option long after all the various telcos choose to discontinue their ISDN offerings.

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Beyond looking back and offering IP access for legacy means of connectivity such as ISDN, Source Elements has pioneered advanced workflows over IP directly integrated in to every desktop computers and production systems.

Source-Connect has been a proven solution since initial release in 2005. Used daily by some of the largest post-production facilities in the U.S. and the world, we work hard for you to make Source-Connect work for your needs.

Everyone has a unique situation. Some examples:

  • You can’t get ISDN in your area, or are looking for a cost-effective solution as an ISDN alternative.
  • You share your network with other heavy users and you need QoS advice.
  • You need advice on working with your IT administration to allow IP connections.
  • You travel a lot (or wish to!) and need a good solution to work on firewalls, or need to know your cellular options.
  • You need to control your privacy and security and need a VPN solution.
  • You run an unusual DAW setup and would like to know how to integrate Source-Connect

Source-Connect works anywhere you can get the bandwidth, and our support team has solutions for firewalls and routers.

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ISDN Bridging with Source-Connect & Source-Connect Now

It’s not just our products that solve your problem.

Every license comes with world-class support by the most experienced audio-over-IP company in the world. Why? Because every day we speak with people just like you: in post-production, voice recording, music composition, remote review, radio broadcast.. the list goes on and we’re proud to be helping you.

If you have questions on how our services will work for you, just get in touch and see how we can help. Our team answers every call and we have a solution for you.