Podcasters: Run remote
interviews with confidence

Source Elements tools provide a powerful and financially viable environment for each member and guest of your podcasting. Broadcast your insights through interviews with many remote guests, in full fidelity. All your guests need is a mic and a web browser.

Our world class Solutions team can design
your perfect remote workflow setup.

Products for podcasting workflows


Time to shorten distances

Record remote interviews with a simple application that guarantees the remote recording is perfect and ready to edit right away.

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Stream ultra-low-latency, full-resolution HD audio and video with a perfect frame rate to your podcast guests, collaborators, and clients. Perfect for review and approval, podcasting and many other uses. Your remote guest only needs a web browser: ideal for adhoc and last-minute connections.


Time to be powerful

Route audio streams from Pro Tools to any audio app, player, or platform, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

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Remote Interviews

When you can share perspectives with guests around the world in crystal-clear quality, the conversation feels as intimate as if everyone is in the same room. Connect multiple remote guests to your audience. It’s like you’re all around one table.

Video Podcasts

Broadcast video podcasts with remote guests in crystal-clear quality and in perfect sync. Capture multiple windows, screens, and video input devices at up to 4K resolution; prep hosts and interviewees and share notes and approvals in real time. Your guests don’t need any technical experience, just a mic, optional camera, and a web browser.