Remote-broadcast HD audio
& video over the internet

When you’re producing a remote broadcast, things can get complex—especially when you go live. But with Source Elements tools, you can count on secure, seamless internet collaboration with anyone in the world, anytime.

Our world class Solutions team can design
your perfect remote workflow setup.

Products for remote broadcasting workflows


Time to shorten distances

Capture remote narration and voice overs with guaranteed glitch free recordings in real time and with picture sync.

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Broadcast to hosts,  guests, and viewers in perfect quality and sync over the internet. Capture remote sports commentary with several remote contributors in real time.  Get conferenced high-quality and low-latency audio to and from guests and stakeholders.


Convert MIDI Time Code to SMPTE/LTC and back again—without hardware—to sync up to recorders, and playback systems.


Time to be powerful

Integrate all your broadcast applications into one workflow. Create mix minus, playback, and record feeds for various application and hardware endpoints.

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