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Count on remote production

What if you could gather clients and collaborators across the world without incurring travel expenses or scheduling conflicts? With our powerful suite of remote production tools, you can audition and record talent, send mixes, loop lines, review spots, and share feedback from anywhere as if you’re in the same studio. All in HD, all in real time.

Our world class Solutions team can design
your perfect remote workflow setup.

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Time to shorten distances

Record, review, and approve audio from anywhere using the industry standard in remote voice, music, and sound capture.

Source-Live Pro

Time to go live

Stream HD video with picture-synced audio to remote clients and collaborators. Remote talent can transform their laptop into a free internet recording studio—just add a mic, camera, & a web browser.

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Remote Recording

Whether you’re recording a jingle, editing a tagline, or localizing dialog for global markets, share full-resolution audio tracks with anyone, anywhere.

Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)

Record ADR with remote talent in perfect picture sync, even with multiple actors in different locations. Talent doesn’t have to install any hardware or software; all they need is their mic and a web browser.

Mixing and