Hey Javier – Port Forwarding

Weekly, our Customer Support Coordinator Javier (hah-vee-AY) talks with us about what is going on in the world of support and how we can help our partners get the most out of their Source Elements products.

Adam: Hey Javier! What is going on?

Javier: Lately, it is all about port forwarding. It seems that our Voice Over artists and other talent asked to configure their settings for sessions.  Port forwarding is a pretty technical process and can be confusing for some users.

Adam: Interesting, interesting… What is port forwarding? I know all about it, but can you explain port forwarding for others who may read this?

Javier:  Sure. Port forwarding is telling your Internet connection to let Source-Connect communicate freely; a way to make a stable connection of one computer to another securely. By making some adjustments to your router, you can establish this virtual line of sight between your computer and your collaborating partner.

Here’s an article that explains port forwarding: https://support.source-elements.com/show/faq-what-is-port-forwarding-and-why-do-i-need-a-static-ip.

We also give you step by step instructions here: https://support.source-elements.com/show/network-guide and direct instructions: https://openmyip.com and https://portforward.com/router.htm

If you still need help, we are there to help you: https://www.source-elements.com/contact/

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