Source-Connect is the only method available that ensures your recordings are perfect every time, with our Auto-Restore functionality.

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With traditional long-distance recording, whether with Source-Connect, ISDN or any network-based transmission, the broadcast signal is subject to various issues which may cause dropped packets and therefore ‘glitches’ in your recorded audio. Previously the only method to ensure a fully complete recording was to ensure your connection partner was also recording locally, so you could transfer this audio after your session and manually replace it in your edit. With AutoRestore, this is no longer a necessity.

Additionally, with Auto-Replace you can request the original PCM audio and replace the compressed AAC or apt-X® recording without requiring any additional effort.

AutoRestore and Replace is available as a feature of Source-Connect Pro and Pro X. Source-Connect Standard has the capability to send AutoRestore but not request it, making Standard an ideal tool for the talent side while Pro is designed for the recording studio side.

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Products that provide AutoRestore and Replace features: