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Each week we interview a number of guests. The typical ISDN line solution is complex to set up and costly to run. I need a way I can capture interviews at broadcast quality, without all that hassle…

Life on the road means that it’s usually difficult to pin people down for interviews. Occasionally it’s possible to get them in the same room with you – but more than often it’s not.

For radio stations, podcasters and voice talent, Source-Connect Now is your new Internet recording studio, working with the Chrome web browser. Radio producers can quickly and easily establish a two-way, broadcast quality, low latency connection with their interviewees and control the volume, monitoring and talkback. No other software is needed in order to record full quality, uncompressed WAV files.

Source-Connect Now is free! All accounts are able to connect two people at broadcast quality for free. For premium features pricing starts out as low as $8 per month.

Products that provide solutions for Voice-over work: