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More and more music is being made online, with musicians in remote locations. I need to be able to produce/capture performances quickly and cleanly, bringing them all together in one session…


Recently, legendary producer Alan Parsons (The Beatles Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon amongst many others) remotely produced upcoming band Electric Litany.

Not having the funding for a trip/recording session in California, the band booked a studio in the UK and, using Source-Connect, Alan was able to listen in to the band’s multi-channel recording session in high fidelity. It allowed him to advise on mic positioning; suggesting changes, and improve the arrangements. “It was like he was in the studio with us,” said Richard Simic, the band’s drummer and co-founder.


Are you working on a mix for a client and need approval for the latest set of changes? Source-Live enables high quality streaming, direct from your DAW.

Our unique Source-Link technology connects your DAW directly to the Source-Live application to give you the best of both worlds – the stability and flexibility of a standalone application, plus immediate integration directly to your timeline. Drop Source-Live Link onto your master fader and your clients can hear the audio in high quality via the environment they know best: their own studio monitors.

Over the last couple of years TheWorkRoom has completed countless film, ADR, animation and voice sessions using Source-Connect, including projects with names like Morgan Freeman, Rosamund Pike, Dustin Hoffman, John Cleese, John Hannah and many more.

Stephen Webster, Director of TheWorkRoom says, “We were awarded a Grand Prix for a television commercial recorded earlier this year. Source-Connect played an integral part in winning that award. Very seldom do you find a tool better for the job which proves to be more cost effective to use.”

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