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I need to be able to collaborate with creatives in a number of different locations around the world – from voice-over artists to orchestral composers…

With Source Elements software technology, anything is possible. The only limit is your creativity.

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With Source-Live bring your remote clients into your room. Whether you are an audio mixer, a video editor, or a (virtual) classroom, – share & broadcast your video & stereo audio and/or your desktop/windows/screens to your remote clients with simultaneous video conferencing/text chat.

Remote Decision Makers & Learners – join & collaborate with your creatives & teachers on your projects. If you are an ADR Supervisor/Dial Editor and want to see & hear the ADR in SYNC with HD pictures, or if you are a remote Director wanting to join in your video edit/mix session, demand your studios use Source-Live Pro Low Latency – watch & engage for free via a browser. 



Source-Connect was recently used to stream a live orchestral performance at Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, into Studio Trilogy in San Francisco. (Trilogy are active in the film, TV, advertising and game scoring industry).

Source-Connect locked the Pro Tools rigs at each location together while sending the high-resolution live orchestra feed from Nashville to San Francisco. It also enabled a talkback facility between the two studios. Trilogy’s chief engineer was able to record to his own Pro Tools timeline with pristine audio quality.

Using this process allowed the engineers at Trilogy access to Nashville’s finest session musicians without leaving their studio. It is now possible for film, TV, advertising and gaming professionals everywhere to capture the source material they need for their project, without leaving their desk.

President of Atomic Sound Post, Tom deGorter tells us, “We have been using Source-Connect on several of our TV series. With the producers and cutting rooms on the other side of town, it has allowed us to play back 2 track and 5.1 mixes on both Revolution and Almost Human in Burbank, while the producers can listen to the mixes, give notes, and observe the mix process, all in real time, from the comfort of their offices in Santa Monica.”

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